Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lightroom 4 Beta – Moiré Brush

The new Lightroom 4 Beta that you can find here (free download for both Windows 7 and MacOS users) offers some new interesting features.

I’d like to give a practical example. The image that follows was taken a few days ago with a PhaseOne P30+.

 This is a 100% crop (click to enlarge):

As you can notice there is some moiré. This is a very common problem for photographers working with clothes. I personally used different techniques to remove moiré and I found that this new moiré brush works really well. Let’s see how it worked with this example.

In just a few seconds the moiré is almost completely removed. I spent just a few seconds doing a very rough selection with the mouse. This moiré was both in L*, a* and b* channels, not an easy task for a tool. You can adjust the moiré filter brush from -100 to +100. I used a +100 setting for the example above, but also a +50 settings seems to do the job:

I’ll do more tests, but first impressions with this new Lightroom release are very good!

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