Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cintiq 24HD: ArtPen Problem Update

I have made two more YouTube videos to show the problem that I am expereicing with the ArtPen and the Cintiq 24HD.

Please read the previous post to have more information about this problem.

Notice that both the Cintiq 24HD and the ArtPen that I am using now are new units from Wacom. Wacom has changed my ArtPen and my Cintiq 24HD but the problem is still there.

Update (29th October, 2011):
Not only a Windows 7 problem: here you can see the same problem in OSX 10.7.2!

Here is the first video - problems in OneNote2011:

1) (first 10 seconds) If I get close with the ArtPen to the Cintiq 24HD there is an unwanted input (as you can see I draw small dots on the screen also if I am not applying any pressure, I am about 1cm away from the surface). As you can see pressure level in the Dignostic tool inside the driver stands to 0%! I am not touching the screen with the nib but little dots/lines are drawn!

2) (from second 10 to the end) When I release pressure the ArtPen doesn’t stop to draw.

This is not acceptable. I can’t work in this way!This is not acceptable. I can't work in this way!

Second videoproblem in Wacom Driver “Sensibility details:

As you can see the problem of “unwanted lines” is present also in the driver. This is definitely not a problem of any application.

This is how the problem is described by another user of the Cintiq 24HD (“jonstatt” in the Wacom European Forum):

Try drawing a line at moderate speed and then very quickly lift the pen away from the tablet at the end. An extra vertical line appears even though the pen was not in contact with the tablet. This only occurs with the art pen and even can be seen in the tablet driver section where you can test draw the pen on the screen. It is definitely not application specific. It is the driver.

To know what Wacom says about this problem you can follow the discussion on the official European Wacom forum.


  1. I saw your videos and read the problems that you are having with the 24HD. I am close to saved for a Cintiq and I am wondering if the 24HD is that big of an improvement over the 21UX to warrant the additional price. Especially with the issues that seem to be present in the first generation. I would appreciate you input.

  2. If you are not interested in the ArtPen you can safely purchase the Cintiq 24HD. I don’t know in which country you leave, but many shops give you 7 or 14 days (for example in Europe Wacom eStore 14 days) to try the product and decide to keep it or not. This is a nice thing, and you can inspect the product searching for bad pixel and/or defective fans.

    The Cintiq 24HD is a very nice product, but some problems need to be fixed. The ArtPen is one big problem, but there are other minor driver problems (in both Windows and Mac), for example the driver randomly deletes your settings (it is a good idea to back-up them with the Wacom utility).

    I don’t have any news about the ArtPen, I will keep this blog posted.

  3. Thanks a lot. I am in the U.S. and would definitely deal with a reputable dealer. I am just wary to buy such an expensive 1st generation product. Then again I want the best things. I look forward to hearing about the art-pen problem.